If you use BioStar 2 Local API Server, you should check versions BioStar 2 and BioStar 2 Local API Server.

Please refer to the below table and match BioStar 2 Local API Server version in accordance with your BioStar 2 server.

VersionBioStar 2BioStar 2 Local API Server
v2.3.0 ~ v2.3.0.653v2.3.0.70 (v1*)
v2.4.0.762v2.4.0 (v2*)
v2.4.1 ~ v2.4.1.115v2.4.1
v2.5.0 ~ v2.5.0.208v2.5.0.53
v2.6.0.156 ~ v2.6.2.64v2.6.0.13 ~ v2.6.0.15
v2.6.3.73 ~ v2.6.3.4 (the latest version)


  •  If you operate BioStar 2 v2.7.10 or higher version, please use BioStar2 New Local API, NOT BioStar 2 Local API Server. BioStar 2 Local API Server has been discontinued and we are not going to support further feature or fix bugs.

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[BioStar 2 API] The difference BioStar 2 Local API Server and BioStar 2 New Local API

  •  If you use BioStar 2 New Local API, you do not need to check BioStar 2 API version separately. Because both versions are the same.
  • *: For more information about BioStar 2 Local API Server V1 and V2, please refer to the below relevant article.

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