Dear Valued Partners of Suprema,

A new official BioStar 2 Device SDK 2.7.1( has been released recently with some bug fixes. 

SDK Release notes list

New Features

  • Supports FaceStation F2

  • Supports Thermal camera - Facial temperature & Mask detection features

  • Supports the feature of changing of the user-defined PIN encryption key

1. FaceStation F2 is supported, user related structures & API are added.

2. Several authentication modes for FaceStation F2 have been added, and you can configure with API and structure below.

3. You can extract template by jpg image from FaceStation F2. The template file can be stored on AoC.

4. Thermal camera - Facial temperature & Mask detection can be configured with API & structure below.

5. Thermal camera information structure and configurable API are available.

6. New event log structure & API to support temperature information have been added.

7. User-defined PIN encryption key can be changed, and the PIN can be extracted with APIs.

Modified Features

1. A structure is modified to support FaceStation F2's configuration.

2. Masking information of some API retrieving user information with userMask has been added. (Refer to userMask parameter for each API)

3. In the past, parameters like fingerSupported, faceSupported were used meaning fingerprint authentication(matching) or facial authentication(matching).
This was confusing because FaceStation2 or returned fingerSupported = true.
From 2.7.1, additional information fingerScanSupported and faceScanSupported is supported to provide more accurate information.
With this, FaceStation2 returns fingerScanSupported = false.

4. For security reasons, support for the function BS2_GetDataEncryptKey has been deprecated.

Please download the new version SDK library at the official Device SDK Github page.

BioStar 2 Device SDK Github