In the case of a site with many users, you may want to register Visual Face credentials at once by uploading user pictures based on the users' face pictures already possessed by the administrator to use the FaceStation F2. Suprema reflects these requirements of customers and supports the method of registering user Visual Face credential in batch through CSV Import from BioStar 2.8.8.


  • Can upload a maximum of two Visual Face image files via CSV import.
  • Recommended using the same path for the CSV file and visual face image files to be loaded.
  • Recommended to use image files minimum 250*250,  and the max size of the image is up to 10MB.
  • Supported image file formats are JPG, JPEG, and PNG.

1. Move all the photos to be registered as user Visual Face images to one folder.

  • In batch registration through CSV Import, images cannot be registered by referring to multiple folders.

2. Open a CSV editor or text editor to create a CSV file to be imported from BioStar 2.

  • Note that you can import up to 2 Visual Face images.

3. Select CSV Import from BioStar 2> Users.

4. Please check that the column names in the CSV file you created match well. The Visual Face template is located at the bottom.

5. If you proceed with CSV Import, you will see the Directory setting window for uploading Visual Face images.

6. When the Directory setup is complete, the Next button becomes active.

7. Click the Next button to check the CSV Import result.

8. When Visual Face image registration is complete, you can see that the credential has increased under the picture as shown below.