Affected Products & Versions:

All versions (Current version : 2.8.8)

Summary :

BioStar 2 spring server doesn't work properly if the server has ever changed its server IP after installation.

Symtoms :

i) User list isn't showing on the user group list

ii) Slave device is not on the device tree after adding it 

The above issues are resolved after restarting the BioStar 2 web server. 


Please set the server IP in your setting.conf and server_url.conf files(C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)), and please use it as a static IP.

Your IP address :



Since most of the users who use BioStar 2 as a server use it as a static IP, in case of using dynamic IPs or changing IP is not considered. To solve this problem, overall SW improvement is required and it is difficult to completely solve in a short time. Thus, it is recommended to use a static IP and not change it until the software is improved.