Site registration

1. Go to Settings>Mobile Access.

2. Turn off the 'Mobile Access Setting' of the old site. You will hear beep sound from the registered devices. 

3. Go back to the Settings then go to 'Mobile Access' again.

4. Configure the new site ID and email and click 'Connect'. Then you will see an 'Information' message. 

5. Please register the old devices you used with the old site. The certificate will be transferred to the devices then you will hear a beep sound again from those devices. 

6. Go back to the 'User' menu.

User Mobile Access reissue

※ Wait!!! Would you like to use the same CSN number on the new site?? 

Then, you must delete the existing mobile cards first. Please refer to the article below.

[BioStar 2] How to delete Mobile access cards using CSV import?

If you don't mind using different numbers on the new site, please proceed with modifying all csn_mobile numbers at step 2. 

1.  Please select all mobile users then export them as CSV file.

2. Delete non-required fields. 

Current version 2.8.9 has a bug that can't import the mobile information with those columns. So please delete unnecessary columns beforehand. 

PLEASE MODIFY 'csn_mobile' if you haven't deleted the existing mobile numbers. 

(If you continue to use the old numbers, please make sure to delete the old mobile numbers.) 


Once you successfully import the CSV file, you will see users are created on the new site.