When there is a timeout error to the server connection from the remote client PC, please check the BioConnect version first.

This could be happening in 4.10.41.  However, it has been corrected in 4.10.42 & 4.10.43 

It could be that TLS1.0 is not enabled on the remote client computer & server, which can lead to this error.  


1.  Make sure all necessary ports open.

If it's not connecting to the server, it could be a port block issue.  Please make sure the BCE server and across the network, you have 8139 (WPF backend), 5671 (RabbitMQ) & 8500 (API) all open.

2. Test this URL in the browser to see if you see the API documentation.


(If you can't see it, it could be 8500 is not open.)

3. Using the Telnet command from the remote client, you can also see if the ports are open.

4. Check if the BCE host IP is set in the hosts file.


You should see this in the BCE server hosts file text. 

BioConnect "server IP address" 

5. Make sure they set "BioConnect Server UP address" as the RabbitMQ IP address at the end of the BCE server Setup Assistant configuration.  Sometimes, it is left as the loopback

6. Other

IIS Crypto can enable the ciphers. 

Relevant error-Setup Assistant:

Server Connection: Cannot connect to the BioConnect Server: Timeout connecting to the server