Hotfix firmware for BioStar 2 software with Generation 1 readers BioLiteNet, Xpass, Xpass S2, BioEntry Plus, BioEntry W has been released.

Please update your firmware to prevent the issues below: 


    FW: BEPx20_v2.3.4_20210119_213300B.bin





Revision note

1) Fixed the user transmission failure by the corrupted card cache if there are [Enroll User with Card] more than 2 times

2) Fixed Sync Error for the below issues.

- Cause: Biostar 2 sends the transaction logs and keeps requesting even though the devices do not have any new log events which need to send to BioStar 2.

- Relevant issues: Device Sync Error or Device Timeout during getting the device information

3) Enhanced transferring Keep Alive Packet to keep TCP connection while there is deleting all users

4) Fixed the device change while the unauthorized user tries to enter the device menu of BioLite Net

5) Supported Scanning Fingperint from BioLite Net(RS485 Slave).

6) Improved OSDP connection and recovery

7) Supported Wiegand Output User ID mode

8) Enhanced the speed of user transmission by skipping the same users' storage after comparing the user data from the device memory

9) Sent the keep-alive packet during all users deletion

10) Changed the interrupt process priority of S2 SPI