Affected Products

BioEntry P2, BioEntry P2, BioLite N2, FaceLite, XPass 2, Xpass D2 being used as RS-485 Slave


Note: If you do not have Issue 1 and Issue 2 below, please refer to the Solution-Case 1 to avoid the issue in advance.

Issue 1> If you search for and add an RS-485 Slave device through BioStar 2, the device is immediately disconnected.

  • Symptoms persist even when the device is initialized and the value of the RS-485 Key is reset, and the same symptom is repeated even if the RS-485 Master device is changed to another device.
  • If the problem device is set to RS-485 Default mode or Master mode, there is no issue.

Issue 2> In a situation where 'Issue 1' occurred and upgraded the device firmware, the device starts to reboot abnormally.

  • When the device is powered on, it seems to operate normally for a while, then hangs, and then reboots.
  • The phenomenon described above repeats each time it boots.


Check the device firmware version and read each case below. 

<Fixed Version>

FaceLitev1.2.0 or laterBioEntry R2v1.4.0 or later
** Beta Firmware (Download)
BioLite N2v1.3.0 or laterBioEntry P2v1.4.0 or later
* Beta Firmware (Download)
XPass 2v1.2.0 or laterXpass D2v1.3.0 or later

* Beta Firmware for BioLite N2 is based on v1.3.2. You MUST NOT downgrade the firmware if you are using a higher version than v1.3.2.

** Beta Firmware for FaceLite is based on v1.2.1. You MUST NOT downgrade the firmware if you are using a higher version than v1.2.1.

Case 1) If you are using the firmware prior to the patch and no issues have occurred.

  • Upgrade the firmware to a version mentioned in <Fixed Version>.

Case 2) If the firmware before the fix is being used and RS-485 disconnected continues to occur.

Case 3) If Issue 1 occurs and the firmware is upgraded to the version before the fixed version, and then Issue 1 continues or Issue 2 occurs additionally.

Case 4) When Issue 1 occurs and the firmware upgrade to the version after the fixed version, and then Issue 2 occurs additionally.