From BioStar 2.8.10, new user information export and import functions are supported.


  • If you upgrade BioStar 2 version to 2.8.10 or higher, the user information data file export and import method supported by the previous version will NO longer be available.
  • You MUST match the device firmware version to use the new user information export/import function.
  • Visual face credentials registered via upload image or mobile CANNOT be transferred through the user information export/import.

<Supporting new user information export/import function device and firmware list>

Device ModelFirmware VersionDevice Model
Firmware Version
BioStation 2v1.9.0 or laterBioStation A2v1.8.0 or later
FaceStation 2v1.4.0 or laterFaceStation F2v1.0.0 or later