Dear Valued Partners,

We are pleased to inform FaceStation 2 v1.4.1 FW revision.

Please visit Suprema website and download the most recent FaceStation 2 FW. (Link)

Released: Feb-16-2021

Build info: 1.4.0_20210203

New Features and Improvements

1.1. Renamed the thermal camera's relevant function below (English only)

- Previous version: Emission Rate

- Current version: Emissivity

Main Fixes

2.1. Suprema Thermal Camera (TCM10-FS2) Relavant Changes

- Stopped Thermal detection with stopped Infrared camera image

- Unexpected rebooting of FaceStation 2 while Thermal Camera is working

- Modified the specifications of the captured image buffer

2.2. RS485 disconnection logs  occurred when the device is connected with Secure I/O 2. (Affects version: v.1.4.0 or earlier)

2.3. Doors were not returned in the open state if restarting the device with the door set to manual open mode. (Affects version: v.1.4.0)

2.3. the default hash key could not manually turn off the Secure Tamper. (Affects version: v.1.4.0)

Upcoming Features in May/June

3.1 Minimum temperature setting

3.2 Occupancy Limit Zone

If you are using v1.3 FW or older version, please refer to v1.4 release note first.

[Device Firmware Release] FaceStation 2 v1.4 Release