Affect Version: v2.8.0  or higher version

Fixed Version: v2.8.12 (This version would be released in Aug-2021.)

Once you disable the option [Encrypt Personal Data On Database] in BioStar 2 Setting>Security and then, BioStar 2 Server will be ready to DB migration from encrypted DB to decrypted DB. 

The DB migration page would occur and BioStar 2 Server would proceed DB migration. 

While BioStar 2 Administrator disables the option [Encrypt Personal Data On Database] and BioStar 2 server tries to migrate the encrypted DB, the issue below might occur in accordance with the situation of BioStar 2 DB/Conf File.

Error:  Data migration failed or stopped during the progress. It will restart or resume at next time login. (327682)

[Picture 1-Error message]

With the error, the option [Encrypt Personal Data On Database]  would be enabled.


1. Mixed encrypted user data and decrypted user data due to the issue of BioStar 2.

2. Corrupted systems.conf and enckey file 

Please contact Suprema Team if you have the above error message.


Please make a backup DB and the conf files before you change the option [Encrypt Personal Data On Database].