Affected Products and Versions

FaceStation 2 v1.4.0 or above

FaceLite v1.2.0 or above

For some reason, you will need to upgrade the firmware to use the latest or improved functions on Suprema devices. At this time, if you want to upgrade the firmware of reason FaceStation 2 and FaceLite, there are a few things to note.

If you are using a FaceStation F2 device, please check the connection document below.



Face Algorithm has been changed based on FaceStation 2 v1.4.0, FaceLite v1.2.0.

If any of the following two apply, please check the solution below.

  1. You are using a firmware version lower than FaceStation 2 v1.4.0 and want to upgrade to v1.4.0 or higher.
  2. You are using a firmware version lower than FaceLite v1.2.0 and want to upgrade to v1.2.0 or higher.


Before upgrading, please back up the user data using the USB Export feature on the FaceStation 2 or FaceLite device on the site. If possible, back up all devices. However, in case of difficulty due to the number of installed devices, please back up at least one main device on the site.


  • FaceStation 2 User Guide (p.23) - Link
  • FaceLite User Guide (p.20) - Link