1.When BS2_ExtraceTemplateFaceEx extracts face template data from a photo.

2.FaceStation F2 can register face credential information with user photos. Depending on the EXIF information, which is the photographing information of the customer's picture, registration may fail if the EXIF information is not correct.

(what is EXIF? : EXIF that is used in the file format and contains information about the picture.)


1. Making an image with a phone , and try to convert it to a template -> API.BS2_ExtractTemplateFaceEx() returns: BS_SDK_ERROR_NORMALIZE_FACE(-322) 

2 . Using e same image with Biostar2, the visual face template is created successfully


1.we have  BS_SDK_ERROR_NORMALIZE_FACE(-322) Error Code and Message.

2. After all, it's not a matter of image size, but you have to orient it properly through rotation.

 Even if you succeed in registering the image with the "Right Top," the template may not authenticate your face well because the face is rotated and, the template is pulled out. 

This is EXIF related Tool, and you can download it.

After that, load the image one by one.

and then, click the auto-rotate and Save us the image. (make sure that the image must be front.)