When you set the SSL certificates between devices and servers to be used for Secure Communication. The relevant document is as follows. 

The method of setting a certificate in Secure Communication is described in detail.

1. Download xca Tool except for OpenSSL.

First, I’d like to recommend these tool(Please download) which is easy to install certification more than OpenSSL


  • Click the  “File”->“new database”

  • Type the path whatever you want to locate In Xdb file. 

  • The password is not linked to the certificate. 

  • Click the certificates and create a new certificate.

  • Type the Internal name, CountryName, common name. For me “biostar.com”

  • And click the Generate a new key(private key)

  • And next, Extensions is setting the DNS name, selecting the DNS and typing the “biostar.com”(sample)

           And “*.biostar.com” which means that if you want to use the wildcard your domain. you can use “*.biostar.com” 

  • Certificate key usage.
  • Click selected all of that. And then click the “OK”button.

2. Create the New Certificate and private key.

  • Check the certificate on the main screen.

  • Click the export menu. And select export format like that. (crt file)

  • Click the export menu. And select export format like that. (key file)
  • In the key case, modify the filename manually(.key),
  • And select the Export format like that.

  • Go to the xca program file path above and check the files. (crt,key).
  • we just need two files.

3. Apply for own your certificates.(apply the certificate to the device)

After moving to BIOSTAR In the advanced security setting, set it up like the screen above. Root ca and public key certificate are the same .and click the apply button. (*. The device must be connected.)

  • Check out Biostar log and find out whether success or not.

4. Apply for own your certificates.(when you apply the Biostar Server)