When transmitting FaceStation F2 to the user through SDK,

If you send only BS2 FaceEx's template EX, not all data in BS2 FaceEx, the problem occurs.

Error Code Code Content

After 1.1.0, FW will go through the process of migrating with image data stored in the device for improved facial algorithm application and compatible template extraction.

Therefore, if face data, including image data, is not transmitted, registration is not possible because there is no template to extract.

Development should always take note of this

Here is related to the document and sample code.

typedef struct {
uint8_t faceIndex;
uint8_t numOfTemplate;
uint8_t flag;
uint8_t reserved;

uint32_t imageLen;
union {
struct {
uint16_t irImageLen;
uint8_t unused[6];            ///< 6 bytes (packing)
            uint8_t  imageData[BS2_MAX_WARPED_IMAGE_LENGTH];            ///< 40 * 1024 bytes
uint8_t irImageData[BS2_MAX_WARPED_IR_IMAGE_LENGTH]; ///< 30 * 1024 bytes
BS2TemplateEx templateEx[BS2_MAX_TEMPLATES_PER_FACE_EX]; ///< 20 * 556 bytes

       uint8_t   *rawImageData;
} BS2FaceEx;