Applied to BioStar 2.8 or above

There can be the popup of License Check when you try to run BioStar 2 Setup to upgrade your existing BioStar 2 server even though you already have the activated license information to the former BioStar 2.

When BioStar 2Setup file is running, it refers to the system.conf file in C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64).  

If the system.conf file is corrupted, the license information could not be properly checked. 

[Fig 1. The license check popup while you upgrade BioStar 2]

How to solve the issue

1. Stop BioStar 2 all services

2. Make a copy of system.conf in  C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)

3. Compare the system.conf file with the below text and update the corrupted part

- Or, you can find the original system.conf file such as system.conf.1640857134836.c  in C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\logs and compare with that.

- Especially, please find the text line in red below.

- Below is an example while you are using Maria DB.   Please contact Suprema team if you are using MSSQL DB.


    "BioStar": {

        "session_timeout": "3600",

        "restore_connection_timeout": "60",

        "keep_alive_timeout": "30",

        "restart_wait_time_in_seconds": "5",

        "device_req_timeout_in_seconds": "10",

        "device_get_conf_req_timeout_in_seconds": "20",

        "num_biostar_service_threads": "3",

        "num_device_service_threads": "5",

        "num_websocket_service_threads": "1",

        "num_fastcgi_service_threads": "5",

        "server_port": "51212",

        "server_matching": {

            "matching-concurrency-count": "1",

            "use-server-matching": "false",

            "security-level": "5",

            "fast-mode": "true"


        "database_con_string": ",3312@biostar2_ac",

        "firmware_dir": "firmware",

        "resource_dir": "resource",

        "database_type": "10003",

        "user_sync_method": "0",

        "user_by_device_sync_method": "0",

        "log_sync_method": "0",

        "check_duplicate_id_at_devices": "0",

        "automatic_server_upgrade": "0",

        "upgrade_when": "0",

        "fingerprint_format": "0",

        "licese_server_addr": "http:\/\/",

        "backup": {

            "use": "false",

            "cycle": "2",

            "day": "28",

            "weekday": "2",

            "time": "10800",

            "path": ".\\bk",

            "overwritable": "false"


        "support_mobile_credential": "false",

        "language": "en",

        "database": {

            "server_type": "mariadb",

            "windows_auth": "false",

            "server_ip": "",

            "server_port": "3312",

            "ac_db_name": "biostar2_ac",

            "ac_user_name": "biostar2_ac_user",

            "ac_password": "YOUR ENCRYPTED PASSWORD",

            "ta_db_name": "biostar_tna",

            "ta_user_name": "biostartnauser",

            "ta_password": "YOUR ENCRYPTED PASSWORD",

            "ve_db_name": "biostar_ve",

            "ve_user_name": "biostarveuser",

            "ve_password": "YOUR ENCRYPTED PASSWORD",

            "windows_driver": "SQL Server Native Client 11.0"


        "server_addr": "",

        "delete_credential_after_aoc": "false",

        "secure_communication": {

            "mode": "0",

            "use_external_cert": "false",

            "enable_data_encryption": "false",

            "enable_db_data_encryption": "false",

            "ischanged_data_encryption": "false",

            "ischanged_db_data_encryption": "false"


        "system_security": {

            "password_strength": "2",

            "use_password_update_cycle": "false",

            "password_update_cycle": "60",

            "use_allow_login_failed": "false",

            "allow_login_failed_count": "5",

            "allow_login_failed_minutes": "10",

            "use_allow_password_change": "false",

            "allow_password_change_count": "1",

            "use_allow_simultaneous_connection": "true"


        "web_request_timeout": "60",

        "imglog_dir": ".\\imagelog\\",

        "enckey_dir": "C:\\Program Files\\BioStar 2(x64)\\util"



4. Save the system.conf file and then, run BioStar 2 services. 

5. Run BioStar 2 Setup again