Affected version: FaceStation F2 v1.0.0 - v1.1.2

Fixed version: FaceStation F2 v1.1.3 or above

Issue Summary

With the old firmware versions, there is a verified failure issue while the user tries to present the issued Secure Credential Card. 1:1Verification based on the Secure Credential Card does not work with the old firmware.

Issue Description

Access On Card or Secure Credential Card is supposed to be compared the scanned face template with the biometric data on the smart card.

However, the old firmware versions do not handle the scanned face template for user face matching based on the presented Secure Credential Card.  This issue has been fixed to v1.1.3 firmware. 

Understanding of the terminology
BioStar 2 has two terminologies to store the user biometric information on the smart card memory.

That is Access On Card and Secure Credential Card. 

FaceStation F2 supports these Smart Card Features. 

(Acces On Card)

Access On Card is that the card stores the user information with including biometric information.

The device does not need to store any of user information. 

(Secure Credential Card)

Secure Credential Card (SCC) is configurable the card ID while you write the user information. However, the user ID and the user's access group information need to be stored in the device before you use the issued Secure Credential Card.