If you want to store the biometric information on a smart card and look for using OSDP reader with the existing controller, then, you can use Suprema product.

Smart Card refers to a card that can write data to the card memory area. Cards that can be used in the BioStar 2 system are MIFARE, DESFire, and iClass. Among the main functions of BioStar 2, there is a function that allows you to store fingerprint or face information on a smart card. (Click here: How to issue smart cards)

In other access control systems, it is called Template On Card, and in BioStar 2, it is called Access On Card.

In the case of Access On Card, biometric information is not stored on the device, but on a smart card.

Access On Card stores the user's biometric information, ID, PIN code, and access group.

To read Access On Card, it is necessary to set the smart card layout in the device in advance so that the RS485 slave device can recognize the smart card.  Please set up an environment where you can issue cards with a separate registration device. When the Suprema device scans and authenticates the Access On Card successfully, the card number is output through the OSDP command.

In FaceStation F2, which supports visual and IR-based fusion mode, it is possible to save face templates to the card through the Access On Card function. So, you can use RS485 slave smart card reader with FaceStation F2.