Affected products and versions

  • BioStar 2.8.14 - 2.8.17


After upgrading the BioStar 2, the "Permission Denied (20)" error pops up when you log in to the BioStar 2 with a custom operator level user.

Issue reproduction

  1. You used BioStar 2.8.13 or lower version and set custom operator level in that version.
  2. You have upgraded to one of BioStar 2.8.14 - 2.8.17.
  3. When you try to log in to BioStar 2 with a custom operator level user account, an error pop-up occurs and you cannot log in anymore.
    • However, when an issue occurs, you can log in with the BioStar 2 administrator account (User ID 1).


1.    Run Chrome debugging mode (F12) and go to the [Network] tab.

2.    Open the BioStar 2 login page and try to log in with the custom operator level account in which the problem occurred.

3.    If an issue occurs in "setting_email" as shown below, you can confirm that it is an issue with the same cause as commented in this article.


This issue will be fixed in BioStar 2.9.0 (2022 3Q)

If an issue occurs in an earlier version, the issue can be resolved by applying a patch.

Patch File Link
BioStar 2.8.14
(FISS-3077) (Download)
BioStar 2.8.15
BioStar 2.8.16

<How to apply the patch>

  1. Stop all services in BioStar Setting.
  2. Go to <C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)> and back up the existing "biostar2-webapp.jar".
  3. Download the patch file and apply it. When applying the patch file, please also apply the text file in the zip. This is to check the history of which patches were applied later.
  4. Start all services in BioStar Setting.
  5. Check whether the issue is resolved.

If there is no patch available for your version of BioStar 2, please log in to the Suprema Technical Support site and create a ticket with your version of BioStar 2.