On the sites where face credentials are used, there were requests to block the preview of a user's face credential to protect user privacy reasons. Suprema supports the function that does not show the preview of the face credential from BioStar 2.8.16 by reflecting the market requirements.

1. How to apply the 'Hide Face Credential Preview Image' function

1) Login BioStar 2 server and go to [Settings > Server > User/Device Management] part.

2) Active 'Hide Face Credential Preview Image' by toggle.

2. How it shows after applying 'Hide Face Credential Preview Image'

1) Face credential: FaceStation 2, FaceLite

Before enrolling face
After enrolling face

2) Visual Face credential: FaceStation F2

Before enrolling visual face
After enrolling visual face

3) Smart card with Visual Face credential: FaceStation F2