Affected Version: BioStar 2.8.17, BioStar 2.9.0 or higher version

Unlike the BioStar 2 AC, in the case of the BioStar 2 TA server, there was no function to automatically delete old attendance records. In the case of users who have been using BioStar 2 for a long time or who use the T&A function and sites with many T&A records, the old T&A records took up system capacity.

As of BioStar 2.8.17, Suprema has improved the function to delete the records of BioStar 2 TA when the user-specified period exceeds like the existing functions of BioStar 2 AC.

1. Cautions

1) When the function is activated, the ENTIRE T&A records that have exceeded the storage deadline as shown below:

  • Synchronized punch logs from the AC DB (records authenticated by the device)
  • Modified punch logs manually modified by administrators, etc.
  • Leave records manually set by administrators, etc.

2) It is HIGHLY recommended to back up the BioStar 2 DB before using this function.

  • Once applied, all the already deleted attendance and leave records cannot be restored.
  • Ex) If you previously set it to 30 days and then changed it to 60 days, the 30-day record corresponding to the difference between the two settings is not stored in the DB and cannot be restored.

2. How to use the function

  • Go to [BioStar 2 > Time Attendance > Setting > Punchlogs].

  • Activate the function through the Active/Inactive toggle at the bottom of the screen, and enter the expiration date to save time and attendance records.
  • Click the [Apply] icon on the right.