Due to hardware changes in Suprema devices, a downgrade is impossible for new hardware products.

Please refer to the table below for the firmware version to which the downgrade is restricted for each model to which the new hardware is applied.

* Products not mentioned in the table will be upgraded sequentially according to the product release schedule.


  • The devices with the new SE processor (changed to the dual SE processor) affect the operation of the iClass card.
  • For devices with the new SE processor, you CANNOT downgrade to a lower version and downgrade the firmware customized in the lower version.
  • Devices with existing SE processor can be downgraded to a lower version.
  • For more information, check the serial number of the device and contact Suprema (supremainc.com).

Model and Firmware Information

Device ModelFirmware VersionDevice ModelFirmware Version
BioLite N2
v1.5.0BioEntry W2v1.7.0
X-Station 2v1.1.4BioEntry P22022 4Q 
FaceStation F22022 4QFaceStation 22022 4Q

** The release schedule can be changed according to the internal process.

Relevant Announcements

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