Common issue where user on 2.8.16 or below currently can't add user fingerprints, when the finger is presented the first time the software hangs for a couple of seconds then returns to the original enrolment screen with no prompt for a second finger and no fingerprint data(shown below).

This is an issue with the USB device agent. Chrome has updated the way Options API call is used in version 102, it is a simple fix. 

You need to replace the USB device agent .exe with the latest version. Firstly you need to stop the USB device agent in the tray icons on windows right click and close.

Next, head to the file path of the .exe typically it is C:\Program Files (x86)\USB Device Agent\usb-agent and delete the program file.

Then paste the newest version of the USB-Agent attached. When replaced re-run the application for the new USB Device agent