Dear Valued Partners,

This is an announcement of our new firmware releases from Aug 16 - Sep 15, 2022.

You can click the link to download each device's firmware and revision note.

1. Released Models

  • BioEntry W2, X-Station 2

2. Details

  • The devices with the new SE processor (changed to the dual SE processor) affect the operation of the iClass card.
  • For devices with the new SE processor, you CANNOT downgrade to a lower version and downgrade the firmware customized in the lower version.
  • Devices with existing SE processor can be downgraded to a lower version.
  • For more information, check the serial number of the device and contact the Suprema (

Device ModelBioEntry W2Firmware Versionv1.7.0 (Download)
Revision NoteBioEntry_W2_RevisionNotes_V1.7.0_EN.pdf

<New Features and Improvements>

1. Supports setting the byte order for smart cards.

  • Supports setting the byte order of data to be output to Wiegand or OSDP.

2. Improved Arm/Disarm state to be written directly to the device's memory so that the state persists even if power is lost.

3. Supports the dual SE processor.

Device ModelX-Station 2Firmware Versionv1.1.4 (Download)
Revision NoteX-Station 2_RevisionNotes_1.1.4_EN.pdf

<New Features and Improvements>

1. Improved the OSDP ID to also be deleted when a security tamper occurs on the X-Station 2 connected as a slave device.

2. Supports the dual SE processor. (Affects range: iClass card features)