Updated Document on 5 June 2024

Applied to: FW v1.0.0_20220901 or above

Available BioStar 2 Version:  v2.9.0 or above

Available BioStar 2 Device SDK Version: v2.8.3 or above

Available Suprema G-SDK Version: v1.5.3 or above

Suprema BioStation 3 supports Intercom with SIP based on VoIP Server. 

It means that BioStation 3 can work as a SIP client; it can serve as a door phone connected to SIP service. Voice and video calls are supported.

If your device does not work with Linphone service, please use Linhome. Pleas note that this is an example and Suprema does not manage the Linphone or Linhome Server. 

Key Features

  1. Available SIP Services such as Linphone, Linhome, and  RingCentral

  2. SIP configurations support such as SIP Server Information, SIP user name, and password

  3. Outbound Proxy Server (Optional)

  4. Registration Duration

  5. Option of displaying the extension number for privacy protection

  6. Up to 128 extensions configuration

  7. CSV Export & Import for extension registration with BioStar 2 Software

[System Architecture with Linphone SIP Service and BioStation 3]

This document is about how to set up the BioStation 3 Intercom with Linphone, the open-source VOIP.


Linphone.org hosts a free SIP service that allows users to make audio or video calls using SIP addresses via the domain sip.linphone.org. You can create your own sip address, for example, "sip:john@sip.linphone.org" by creating an account on the Linphone webpage, and your friends can call you using this SIP address. (Reference Site: https://www.linphone.org/freesip/home)

How to setup Intercom with Linphone SIP account

Let's configure Intercom feature of BioStation 3 and use it! You can use other SIP services also.

Step 1: Create a SIP Account

  • Create your account. (Note: Do not create a user name with periods ( . ), underscore ( _ ) or apostrophes ( ' ), as BioStar2 will not allow those characters when entering the info for the BioStation 3 Intercom settings. Be sure to just use letters and/or numbers)
  • https://subscribe.linphone.org/register
  • There are two ways to register the account. In this article, we will go through an email account.
    • Using your phone number
    • Using your email address

Step 2: Confirm your account information

[Example. Username: suprema]

Make other account with the different email address to use a PC client on Windows or Mobile app on a smartphone.

Step 3: Install the Linphone Desktop version or Linphone Mobile app on your mobile

[Example. Username: biostar2, Linphone Desktop Version]

Step 4: Go to BioStar 2 to configure the Intercom of BioStation 3

Please make sure with your IT Infra team if BioStation 3 is connectable to Internet in your network environment for connecting Linphone SIP Service.
  • Click Device>Select BioStation 3 from the device list>Scroll down>Confirm Intercom menu

  • Expand the menu with Intercom and enable Intercom.

  • Enter the SIP Server Address, SIP Username, and password referring to the account information.
Please use other account of Linphone which is not using with Desktop version or Mobile app version.

  • Choose the Open Door Button to open the door via the Linphone desktop or Linphone mobile app.

  • Confirm the option with Display Extension Number if you want to display the extension number on the BioStation 3 call button. The default parameter is [Use].

BioStar 2 v2.9.6 or above is available to set up with [SIP Server Tansport] and [Intercom Video Resolution].
Please note that it is only supported on BioStation 3 FW v1.3.0 or above.
- BioStation 3 FW v1.3.0 will be released in June 2024.

SIP Server Transport: UDP (Default), TCP, SSL
When setting up the Intercom SIP server, it selects the SIP transmission method.

Intercom Video Resolution: 360 x 640 (Default) / 720 x 480
You can set up the video resolution in accordance with the setting.
Select the resolution of the video output when using an Intercom.

  • Go to Extension Number and click [Edit] to add the extension number(s).

  • Add the extension number. It can be up to 128.
Extension Number means the account of SIP service to connect SIP Clients. 
You should enter the different SIP username information. (Note: The extension number name can not have a ( . ), underscore ( _ ) or apostrophe ( ' ) in the name as BioStar 2 will not except that.)

  • Click [Apply] to save the settings.

Please check BioStation 3's network information if the DNS information is correctly updated. 
If this information is not set, please set which is Google Public DNS.

Step 5: Go to BioStation 3 and confirm if the [Call] button is activated.

  • If the [Call] button is gray in color and is not activated, please check if you correctly enter the SIP username and password to the device configuration, Intercom.
  • Please check if the location of BioStar 3 is available to access the Internet to use Linphone SIP Service.

Step 6: Press the Call button on the device LCD and choose the extension from the extension list. 

Step 7: Check if your SIP Client on the Desktop version or SIP client on the Mobile app can release the door by the configured [open door button] accordingly.


1. I configured the SIP information to BioStation 3, but the call button is gray as follows. How can I activate the call button?

1) Please ensure the SIP information of step 4 above is correctly updated first, then confirm if BioStation 3 network is connectable to the SIP service. 

Deactivated Call Button
Activated Call Button

2) Check the DNS information of BioStation 3 Network Setting. Usually, it should be automatically updated based on your DHCP Server in the network.

If there is no information, you can use as a temporary way.

3) Change with another SIP services

Sometimes, certain SIP services might not be stable, and you can use another SIP Service.

Or, you can install a VoIP server on a PC for internal network connection.

2. Can we configure the speaker and microphone volumes using the Intercom function?

You can configure that to Display/Sound Configuration as follows.

3. How can we set up the VoIP server? 

Please refer to the following article.