Applied to: FW v1.0.0_20220901 or above

Available BioStar 2 Version:  v2.9.0 or above

Available BioStar 2 Device SDK Version: v2.8.3 or above

Available Suprema G-SDK Version: Coming Soon

BioStar 2.9.0 supports a new Facial Authentication device, BioStation 3, to be able to have Face Authentication as the user credential. BioStation 3 sets a new standard in access control, providing a new door access experience that enables improved security across all doors for organizations of all sizes. This terminal is smaller than the previous model, yet it has the largest variety of features. 

[BioStation 3, a new Facial Authentication device]

Why BioStation 3?

BioStation and BioStation  2 represented Fingerprint Recognition devices.

BioStation 3 is a next-generation access control solution created by integrating Suprema's 20 years of expertise in access control and authentication-related technologies. In addition to facial authentication— the representative contactless authentication method of the post-covid era — various other contactless credential options are offered to enhance user convenience, including QR codes, barcodes, mobile access cards, and RFID cards. 


BioStation 3 is an advanced edge device that can run AI algorithms locally with an embedded NPU to maximize the performance of the AI engine. Accurate authentication is possible even for faces with various types and colors of masks, hairstyles, hats, and glasses.

Key Features

Release Status
User CredentialUser Face Enrollment with Photo
User Face Enrollment with Mobile
Camera QR & QR Authentication with additional licenseBe released in April 2023
RF Card & Mobile Card with Airfob Pass AppReleased
Face Template On CardReleased
Face On Mobile TBD
Max. Credential (1:N)Face: 50,000Released
Max. Credential (1:1)Face: 100,000
Card: 100,000
PIN: 100,000
Image LogSupportedReleased
PoE+ (Power Over Ethernet)
- IEEE 802.3 at compliant
Supported with BS3-APWB only

WIFISupported with BS3-APWB onlyReleased
Intercom with SIP based on VoIP ServerSupportedReleased
RTSP(Real Time Streaming Protocol) to be connectable with Video Management SystemSupportedReleased
Secure ElementSupportedReleased
IP(International Protection) RateIP65Released
IK, Impact Protection RateIK04Released

For more detailed specification, please visit BioStation 3 Product Specification & Dimensions.

Supported Model List

BS3-DB and BS3-APWB: Face Authentication

 - Depending on the card type, the model type is divided.

What's new about BioStation 3?

1. Face Authentication with NPU-optimized AI Algorithm

BioStation 3's NPU-optimized AI algorithm offers the highest facial authentication accuracy and speed standards.

Check out the FRR and FAR of BioStation 3 -  Suprema Face Certificate: BioStation 3

User Face Date of FaceStation F2 is compatible with BioStation 3 while you are using BioStar 2 software.
If you are using BioStar 2 Device SDK or Suprema G-SDK, please contact Suprema Tech Team to have more technical explanation.

2. Flexible Integration Options

Integration TypeProduct NameLicense RequiredStatus
Without BioStar 2 SoftwareBiostar 2 Device SDKFree of chargeReleased with BioStar 2 Device SDK v2.8.3
Suprema G-SDKFree of chargeWill be released by 2022 Q4
With BioStar 2 SoftwareNew BioStar 2 Local APIFree of chargeReleased with BioStar v2.9.0

3. [New Feature] Intercom Support (Relevant Article: [BioStation 3] How To Setup BioStation 3 Intercom with Linphone)

Suprema BioStation 3 supports Intercom with SIP based on VoIP Server. 

It means that BioStation 3 can work as a SIP client; it can serve as a door phone connected to SIP service. Voice and video calls are supported.

[Example: System Architecture with Linphone SIP Service and BioStation 3]

4. [New Feature] Regulatory & Licenses

Licenses, Regulatory Information, certifications, and compliance marks specific to BioStation 3 are available from the


[BioStation 3 Menu for Regulatory & Licenses]

5. [New Feature] RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol)  (Relevant Article: [BioStation 3] How To Use RTSP of BioStation 3 with VMS)

BioStation 3 supports RTSP(Real Time Streaming Protocol) to be connectable with Video Management System.  

The purpose of RTSP of BioStation 3 is for the 3rd party application and its Integration.  If you have the Video Management System on your network, you can add BioStation 3 to be an IP camera and watch the real-time streaming from BioStation 3 visual camera.

[Video Management System, NxOptix Client-Live View (Left) & BioStation 3 Recording Icon (Right)]

6. Wiegand Input and Wiegand Output

For more details: Click here Simultaneous use of Wiegand In & Out

[BioStation 3 Wiegand Input and Wiegand Output]

6. Fusion Matching Mode & Fast Matching Mode

7. User enrollment method

Refer to [BioStar 2] How to Enroll Visual Face Credential

a. Enrollment through the Device menu directly

Enroll Wizard & User menu are available to manage the user enrollment

b. Enrollment through the connected device from the credential [Visual Face] of BioStar 2 User menu

 i.    It can also be available to use BioStar 2 Device SDK. (Click here)

ii.    It can also be available to use Suprema G-SDK. (It will be released in Nov/Dec 2022.)

c. User Photo Enrollment through BioStar 2

Supported image file formats are JPG, JPEG, and PNG.

Supported image file size: maximum 10MB.

d. Enrollment through Mobile Phone with BioStar 2 Cloud and SMTP configuration in BioStar 2

BioStar 2 AC Standard License or higher version is required to configure BioStar 2 Cloud. 
[BioStar 2] Server License Specification

For the information of how to use user enrollment CSV Import or Visual Face Import, please check on How to use Face Credential correctly for BioStation 3

e. User Enrollment with the photo file name and the directory through CSV Import with BioStar 2

f. [New Feature] User Enrollment with Visual Face Import (Relevant Article: Coming Soon)

Only one visual face can be imported per user ID.

8. Access On Card for BS3 Face Template

9. Mask Detection and Face Authentication by wearing a mask

10. Suprema Mobile Access Support

[BioStar 2] How to Use Suprema Mobile Access

11. [New Feature] User-Friendly Voice & Message Instruction

For updating message information, you can change it from the following instruction.
[BioStar 2] Changing the Device Language (Translation)

12. [New Feature] User-Friendly Face Detection Setting

What are the different things from other BioStar 2 Products?


Fake Face Detection



Mask detection

Face Authentication by wearing Mask

Intercom with SIP-based VoIP server

RTSP to be connectable with Video Management System

Wireless LAN Connection (BS3-APWB only)

PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) (BS3-APWB only)

Two Wiegand Ports for Wiegand Input Port and Wiengad Output Port

Not supported

TCM-10 (Suprema Thermal Camera)

Face Server Matching

Analogue Intercome

Face template Compatibility from FaceStation 2 or FaceLite


1. What is for USB Extension Port?

That is for the next version of BioStation 3 firmware, which will be released in 2023 Q1.

2. Can we use FaceStation F2 and BioStation 3 on the same BioStar 2 system?

You can use FaceStation F2 and BioStation 3 on the same BioStar 2 system.

For more information, please refer to the following two articles.

[BioStar 2] Improved Image Extraction for Visual Face Credentials on BioStar 2

[BioStar 2] Supports Visual Face Migration

3. Can we use OnVIF with BioStation 3? 

BioStation 3 can real-time stream the video taken through its camera through RTSP but not supports ONVIF.