Available Devices and Firmware

X-Station 2: v1.2.0 or above (* check model info)

BioStation 3:  v1.1.0 or above

As the use of QR or barcode as a means of user authentication increases, requests for function support using the device's camera have increased. Therefore, Suprema started to support the Camera QR feature on some of the latest devices with a camera.

  • Customers must apply for a device license to use the camera QR function.
  • X-Station 2 Camera QR feature is currently supported on models which do not have a QR sensor (XS2-DPB, XS2-ODPB, XS2-APB, XS2-OAPB) only. 

[Sample: Camera QR screen - X-Station 2]

1. What is the device license, and how to apply?

  • The device license is based on the device's serial number (S/N) and is used to activate specific functions among the device's functions.
  • To purchase a device license, list the S/N of all devices to which the license is to be applied and contact the Suprema Sales representative (supremainc.com).
  • The device's Serial Number is also called the device ID.

   <How to apply for the device license - via USB (sample: X-Station 2)>

        1) Save the license on the USB. (USB-C type, Check the USB specification: Link)

        2) Connect the USB to the device.

        3) Click the device menu icon on the left top.

        4) Go to [DEVICE], then 'License' is on the top.

        5) Click the (+) icon on the bottom right and apply for the license.

        6) If the device license is applied well, you can see the screen as our sample.

    <How to apply for the device license - via BioStar 2 Server>


2. How to use Camera QR on the device (sample: X-Station 2)

1) Both printed QR codes and QR images stored on portable devices such as mobile phones can be used.

  • However, please use a QR code of at least 4cm x 4cm in size.

2) Support BioStar 2 QR and 3rd party QR/Barcode.

  • Supports 32 Byte printable ASCII format QR.
  • You need to test the barcode with the device before purchasing the product. If your barcode does not work well, do not hesitate to contact the Suprema Technical Support team (Link).

3) Support [Use QR as Card] function.

4) Authenticate with the top of the QR code slightly tilted toward the device.

[Sample: QR on mobile]