BioStar2 Cannot apply current setting

Affected Product & Version: BioStar2


To allow 1:N authentication mode, BioStar2 operates in accordance with the number of stored user credential of Biostar2 DB.

So, if the number of user of BioStar2 database is more than 1:N authentication user capacity limit, 1:N auth mode(Finger only or Face only) will be not applied to a device even though the device has less than 1:N authentication user capacity limit.

The error below will occur.

: Impossible to set the device to 1:N Authentication Mode because you have exceeded the User Capacity allowed for 1:N Identification.(262197)

User capacity limit for 1:N authentication

Facestation2 Max.User(1:N) : 3000 users

BioStation2 Max.User(1:N): 20,000 users

BioStation A2 Max.User(1:N): 100,000 users

BioEntry W2 Max.User(1:N): 100,000 users

Issue Reproduction:

1. Enroll more than 1:N authentication user capacity limit to BioStar2 SW

2. Go to device

3. Apply a configuration with 1:N authentication mode(Face only or Finger only)


- BioStar2 and FW issue


If you have the same issue, please contact technical support.