Suprema introduced a licensing system for using specific functions on some devices. Device licenses are issued based on the device's serial number (S/N), and the corresponding function can be activated only for devices requiring a license.

    As of March 2023, the feature that requires a device license is Camera QR (X-Station 2 supported, BioStation 3 planned), and features that require licensing will be added.

    This article will cover how to apply for a device license through BioStar 2 server. Please note that you can activate device licenses through USB memory as well.

For inquiries regarding license purchase, please contact the place of purchase. If you are not sure whom to contact, please contact the Suprema Sales team through the LINK.

  • If you would like to learn how to apply for the device license through the device menu, please check the "Camera QR" article below.

1. Features that require a device license

Feature NameSupported ModelsRelevant Article
Camera QRX-Station 2, BioStation 3[BioStar 2] Camera QR - Support BioStar 2 QR and 3rd Party QR via Device Camera

2. How to apply for a device license via BioStar 2

1)    Confirm if the feature requires a device license.

2)    Check the model name and S/N of the devices that will use the function and make a list.

3)    Deliver the S/N of devices that require licensing, listed in the text, CSV, etc., to the place of purchase.

4)    Receive a device license in .lic format from the place of purchase.

  • One license file stores license information for up to 100 devices.
  • Multiple license files may be delivered depending on the installation site's size.
  • The device license file is encrypted and cannot be modified arbitrarily.

Once the license is issued, neither you nor the Suprema team cannot modify it to be applied to another device. If you purchased a license with an incorrect S/N, you need to purchase a new license for the correct device.

5)    Log in to BioStar 2 and go to [Settings > LICENSE].

6)    Click "Browse" to load the device license file from the path where the license is saved. Then, the "License Type" and "Device Count" will be displayed.

  • No need to place the device license in a specific folder.

7)    Click "Activate" to activate the device license.

  • You can activate device licenses that are in "Not Activated" status.
  • If the activation fails, you can try again after the pop-up message is displayed.