Dear Valued Partners,

This is an announcement of our new firmware releases from Jun 16, 2023 - Jul 15, 2023.

You can click the link to download each device's firmware and revision notes.

1. Released Models

  • BioLite N2, BioStation 3

2. Details

Device ModelBioLite N2Firmware Versionv1.6.0 (Download)
Revision NoteBioLite N2 Revision Notes v1.6.0

<New Features and Improvements>

  1. Supports a new SE processor and new firmware.

  2. Improved firmware to work with security-enhanced diag tool.

  3. Improved the structure to prevent authentication fail caused by broken database or cache memory.

  4. Improved to select and update only the desired information when updating user information. (Compatible with BioStar v2.9.0 or higher)

Device ModelBioStation 3Firmware Versionv1.1.1 (Download)
Revision NoteBioStation 3 Revision Notes v1.1.1

* Please check the details on the revision note as we do not have any new feature in v1.1.1.