Last Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Suprema Device Manager: v1.1.8 or above (Android OS)

XPass D2: v1.7.1 or above

What is Suprema Device Manager?

What is the Custom Smart Card, and why do you need this feature?

  • Among the cases where a third-party system is integrated with BioStar 2/Suprema devices, there are cases where the Suprema device needs to read a smart card issued by a third-party system other than BioStar 2. We added the Custom Smart Card Layout function on BioStar 2 and Suprema Device Manager to support some of these cases.
  • This article explains using the Suprema Device Manager app and the XPass D2 case.

Cases where Custom Smart Card Layout needs to be set up through Suprema Device Manager

  1. When XPass D2 is used as a dummy reader for a 3rd party device
  2. When it is difficult to change XPass D2 settings through BioStar 2


  • Suprema Device Manager app (supported on Android OS)
  • XPass D2 with v1.7.1 firmware
    • If the firmware of your device is not v1.7.1, you can also upgrade the firmware through the Suprema Device Manager app (However, you must save the firmware on your mobile device).
    • Refer to the linked document to understand how to upgrade XPass D2 firmware through the Surpema Device Manager app. ([Suprema Knowledge Center] How to use Suprema Device Manager App)


  • Custom Smart Cards function only supports two types: MIFARE and DESFire.
    • The customer needs to contact the Suprema team to receive consultation except for the above card types.
      • Contact Suprema Sales (Link)
      • Contact Suprema Tech team (Link)
  • Support only Binary data type.
    • The customer needs to contact the Suprema team to receive consultation except for the above data type.
      • Please refer to the contact info above.
  • Can configure the Byte order: MSB or LSB.
  • [NOTE] This is NOT the card with BIOMETRIC.
  • [NOTE] The original Smart Card Layout function name has been changed to "Suprema Smart Card Layout."

  • Steps 1 - 4 are the same for both MIFARE and DESFire cases.


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