Affected Version: BioStar 2 Version 2.9.3 & 2.9.4

Fixed Version: BioStar 2 Version 2.9.5

Issue Summary

While BioStar 2 - Monitoring - Real-time Log shows the events clearly, in BioStar 2 - Monitoring - Event Log, there are different event logs to be found or shown on the first day of every month. 

Issue Description 

If you have already activated the "Automatic System Backup" feature in BioStar 2 versions 2.9.3 and 2.9.4, you can face the below conditions. 

You may be unable to check and search in "Event Log" in BioStar 2 → Monitoring menu.

Issue Check

Please follow the steps below to first check (confirm) that the issue you are facing aligns with the described issues in this article. 

Step 1. Go to your installation path of BioStar 2 

Installation path example ▶ C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64) 

Step 2. Within your BioStar 2 software installation folder, find the "Logs" folder 

Log folder path example ▶C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\logs

Step 3. Inside the "Logs" folder, search for the log file in biostar_year_month_day format 

※Note the day of the BioStar 2 log should be the day the user has found the issue. 

※Note the day of the BioStar 2 log should be the day the user has found the issue.
As an example, if the user has seen the issue in January of 2024, the log file the user needs to open will be 
▶ biostar_2024_01_01
If the issue was found in December of 2023, the log file the user needs to open will be 

Step 4. Open up the log file in biostar_year_month_day based on the date the user has found (seen) the issue. 

Step 5. Search for the below statement inside the log file 

The below statement is a case where the issue was found on November 1st 
So, the log file title ▶biostar_2023_11_01
For example, if you found this issue in January 2024, you will be searching in the biostar_2024_January_01 file. 
Error code=1062 
Duplicate entry 'T_LG202311' for key 'T_LGTBIDX_LGTABLENM_UINDEX'
23/11/01 18:26:14.948308 E <SYS> [0x00000f6c] Failed, but reason isn't retriable. Exit retry loop... 
23/11/01 18:26:14.966414 E <SYS> [0x00000f6c] insert bulk log errors: log table invalid
Search for Error code=1062

Step 6. If you have found the above statement inside your log file, this proves(confirms) that you are facing the same issue described in this article.

Issue Solution

After confirming (checking) the issue, if you are already facing the issue as shown in Issue Check

Please follow the below steps to run the query 

※The query below shows a case for user who seen(found) the issue in November 2023, 
if you have found the issue in October 2023, then you should edit the date part to 202310
please edit(alter) the date according to your issued found(seen) date


Issue Prevention

If you have not yet activated "Automatic System Backup" but are planning to use "Automatic System Backup" feature, please apply the patch file below in accordance with your BioStar 2 Version. 

If you already fixed the issue with running the query above for current month, you have to use the patch below to avoid the same issue to the next month.

BioStar 2 Version 2.9.3 Patch File

BioStar 2 Version 2.9.4 Patch File 

The fixed version of this issue has been applied in BioStar 2 Version 2.9.5