Dear Valued Partners,

Release Date: 2024-02-05

A new official BioStar 2 Device SDK 2.9.6 (V2.9.6.0) has been released recently with some bug fixes.

BioStar 2 Device SDK 2.9.6 Release Note

BioStar 2 Device SDK 2.9.6 Download

New Features 

  • BioEntry W3 connection support (Device name: BEW3-DB, BEW3-APB).
  • XPass 2 connection support (Device name: XP2-MAPB).
  • Support for storing only the template when saving facial information.
  • Added feature to ignore repetitive input signals when using third-party controllers connected via Wiegand.
  • Supports displaying authentication success/failure results from third-party controllers on Suprema devices.
  • Added function to initialize by selecting a network.

1. Supports new devices.

  • BioEntry W3 (BEW3-DB, BEW3-APB)
  • XPass 2 (XP2-MAPB)

2. Added feature to allow transmitting only the template, excluding the facial image, when sending facial data.

This is particularly useful in environments where privacy protection is emphasized.
This feature only applies to face authentication devices based on visual face, such as BioStation 3, FaceStation F2, and BioEntry W3.

3. In environments where Suprema devices are connected to third-party controllers via Wiegand, if the feedback for authentication is repetitively input to the Suprema device from a specific model of the controller, a feature has been added to ignore this.

4. Added feature to display authentication results on the device screen when Suprema devices are connected to third-party controllers as peripheral devices.

5. Added function to initialize by selecting a network.

When connected to multiple networks, specifying a particular network for initialization allows for searching for devices on that sub-network after performing initialization.

Modification Features 

1. Fixed an issue where a BS_SDK_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED error would occur when importing or setting face configuration on CoreStation 40.

2. The device log filtering API has been Deprecated.
(BS2_GetFilteredLog, BS2_GetFilteredLogSinceEventId

It is recommended that filtering be performed on the server using BS2_GetLog and BS2_StartMonitoringLog.

3. Fixes were made to stabilize the code internally in the SDK.