Affected Version:BioStar v2.9.5 or above


From v.2.9.5 of BioStar 2, the USER menu has improved for user's convenience.

For more details, please refer to the contents of the Improved Features below.

Improved Features

Feature 1.

The end date value in the user's period has been extended to Dec, 31st, 2037, 23:59.

Note that the new user’s period will be set as 2001/01/01 00:00 ~ 2037/12/31 23:59 by default.

Feature 2. 

New columns are added to user's information and credential information below have been added to the list.

  • Period 
  • Operator Level 
  • Login ID
  • User IP
  • PIN
  • QR/Barcode
  • Mobile 

Note that

1. In the v2.9.4 or lower version, the QR/Barcode and Mobile credentials are regarded as card credentials.

2. Login ID and User ID are NOT displayed by default. So, if you want to add these information to the colum, you need to add them manually by following the steps in the picture below.

Feature 3.

The "Advanced Search" allows searching for a specific user by selecting multiple column factors Please refer to the below steps.
Step1. Click USER.

Step2. Click "Advanced Search" in the right-top side of screen.

Step3. Type the specific keywords in the fields you want to utilize and click Search. If then, a specific user matched with the set keywords will be searched.

Note that

1. To understand this new function more deeply, please refer to the below comparison information between v2.9.5 and v2.9.4 or lower version.

1) v2.9.4 or lower version

You can search for a specific user by selecting only one item among the below total of 3 user information in the search function of the USER menu.

  • User ID
  • Name
  • Email

2) v2.9.5

You can search for a specific user by selecting multiple items among the below total of 12 user information by using the "Advanced Search" function.

  • User ID
  • Name
  • Email
  • Department
  • Title
  • Telephone
  • User group 
  • Access group
  • Status
  • Operator Level
  • Card
  • Custom User Field

2. To know which information is applied to each part of the Advanced Search, please refer to the below table.

3. If you enable the option "Encrypt Personal Data on Database" in the Security of Settings in BioStar 2, the partial word search is not supported in the Department or Title field.