Affected Version: 

BioStar 2 v2.9.6 or above 


Affected Products & Versions: 

BioStaion 3 v1.3.0 or above

In v2.9.6, Suprema added the FeliCa standard to the Custom Smart Card function, a function that was first introduced in BioStar 2 v2.9.4.  So, from v2.9.6, you can enroll and use the FeliCa standard card issued by a third-party system in BioStar 2 with some of Suprema devices.

(About the Custom Smart Card function, refer to the following article: [BioStar 2] How to Setup Custom Smart Card Layout)


The existing Custom Smart Card function only supports MIFARE and DESFire. To satisfy client's requests, Suprema has upgraded the function in v2.9.6 by adding the FeliCa standard.

Basic Concepts

The Custom Smart Card function allows the smart card issued by a third-party system to be read by BioStar 2 and some Suprema devices. In short, it means that the smart card issued by a third-party system can be enrolled and used in BioStar 2.

The upgrade of the Custom Smart Card function in v2.9.6 not only allows MIFARE/DESFire type in BioStar 2 but also a FeliCa standard smart card and use it with some Suprema devices.

Note that

Please be cautious that it DOES NOT mean that you can issue and use a smart card of FeliCa standard in BioStar 2 through this added new feature. 

Execution Procedures 

Step 1. Add the layout for smart card of FeliCa standard to be used

Step 1-1. 

Go to Settings and click CARD FORMAT.


Step 1-2.

Click Smart Card and ADD SMART CARD.

Step 1-3. 

Select the option Custom Smart Card in Smart Card Type and then select FeliCa among the 3 card types. Then, put the card information such as System Code, Service Code, and ID Field. After that, click Apply

Step 2. Appy the layout of Step 1 to the device

Step 2-1.

Go to the DEVICE and select the device to be used.

Step 2-2.

Go to the Card Type and enable the option in Custom Smart Card. And, select the box of FeliCa Standard in FeliCa and select the one among the generated layouts in Custom Smart Card Layout

  • Follow the procedures in the picture below in order.

Step  3. Enroll the FeliCa standard smart card to the device

Step 3-1.

Go to the USER and select a user.

Step 3-2.

Select the option "Card" in Credential.

Step 3-3.

In the arising popup, select a Smart Card in Card Type and a device to be used in Device. And then, select "Custom Smart Card" in Smart Card Type. Then, enroll the FeliCa standard card to be used by selecting one option among 3 options in the Registration Option

Note that

If it's the first time to enroll the FeliCa standard card of smart card type, you need to select either "Register by Card Reader" or "Enter Manually")

  • Follow the procedures in the picture below in order.