Third Party RFID Reader Card Read Issue with 2.x Entry Devices


Affected Products & Versions: Recent entry level device firmware (Xpass 2.4.1, BioEntry Plus 2.3.1, Xpass S2 2.4.1, BioLiteNet 2.3.1)



All 2.x firmware entry level devices have issues receiving Wiegand Card numbers from third party RFID devices if the RFID device has a pulse interval of less than 2ms.


Issue Reproduction: 

1. Connect a device to an entry level device as a RFID reader in BioStar 2

2. Read the card.

3. Card is not read properly.



Use the attached beta firmware for provided devices. Request a beta firmware through creating a new ticket in Tech Support Site, if you have a device other than BEPL, Xpass S2, or Xpass. 



An official hotfix firmware will be released in July to resolve this issue, until then use the workaround solution.