Configuring the relay signal in BioStar 1 or 2 both have a duration limit of 2 bytes although it is not shown in the UI. 

The ON and OFF values are also in milliseconds (ms) and the minimum value is 0 and the maximum is 65535 (65.5seconds).

The count also has a limit of 65535. 

[Signal configuration in BioStar 2] 

[Signal configuration in BioStar 1]

Additional BioStar 2 Description 

Trigger Page 

* found in DEVICE > choose device > Advanced tab > Trigger & Action

Duration(ms): in milliseconds. The input duration before the relay triggers. In the example below the relay will be triggered if there is a input for 5 seconds (5000ms).

Signal Page

* found in Trigger & Action > Signal Setting > +Add Signal

Delay(ms): in milliseconds. The delay between ON OFF signals. 

Counts: in numbers. Number of times the ON OFF signals will be triggered. 

ON: in milliseconds. Duration of the ON signal. 

OFF: in milliseconds. Duration of the OFF signal. 

Bug fix 

You would notice in BioStar 2 versions below BioStar 2.6 that it behaves as the 'current behavior' shown below which seems to be different from the configuration intentions. In BioStar 2.6 the feature has been fixed to work like the 'ideal behavior' below.