You can manually search port usage with command prompt and the Resource Monitor, but if you would like to use a pre-made script you can follow the instructions below:

Manual CMD Option

The command that is used in the script is

netstat -an | find "port number"

You can run command prompt and use this command. 


In the sample instruction below I will check which service is using the T&A port on my server PC. 

1. Download the attached .bat file on the server PC.  

2. Right click on the .bat file and run with administrator privileges.

3. To check the T&A port I will press and enter. 

4. My result is below. I will check the right most column which stores the PID (Process ID). It appears PID 4400 is using port 3000 and 3002

5. Open Task Manager with CTRL + SHIFT + ESC or by searching in Windows Start Menu. 

6. Select the Processes tab.

7. Click Show processes from all users.

If you don't see the PID column, select View > Select Columns

Check PID and click OK

8. I will search PID 4400. 

It appears node.exe is PID 4400 on my server PC. 

This is the correct service for BioStar 2 T&A as shown below. BioStar 2 T&A was developed with node.js so the process name appears as node.exe. 

If another process is using this port the T&A service will not operate properly.
You cannot configure T&A service to use a different port (currently in BioStar 2.5) so please stop the other service using port 3000 and 3002. 

Refer to the port numbers and process names below. 

BioStar 2 Ports

*process name (Image Name) shown in task manager is in blue


  • Maria DB: 3312 (mysqld.exe)
  • ORACLE: 1521 (Oracle support of Biostar2 is discontinued. Click here) 
  • MSSQL: 1433 

T&A: 3000(http), 3002(https) (node.exe)

Video: 3010(http), 3012(https), 6379(redis-server.exe)

File Sharing: 445(WebDAV is used when the file is uploaded from server to client)

**From BioStar 2.6, 445 port is not used anymore.

Nginx (web server): 9000

Websock: 9002 (biostar-server.exe)

** If you install a new installation of BioStar v2.7.11 on a PC not upgrading the previous version of BioStar 2, the webserver_thrift_port of new installed v2.7.11 is 9510.

BioStar 2 Server

  • 51212 (default) (biostar-server.exe)
  • 51213 (if TLS is used)

Web server : HTTP 80 (default) & HTTPS 443 (default)



  • 52000 (default) (nginx.exe *32)
    • V1 8790(app), 8781(doc)
    • V2 8795(app), 8786(doc)
  • 4443 (ngrok.exe *32)
  • URL:,

(Local) API server:

  • 27017 (default)

USB Agent: HTTPS 8081 (default), HTTP 8082 (default) (usb-agent.exe *32)

UDP (device search): 51210

Dev Connection: 51211 (default)