Dual Authentication mode is an authentication mode that requires authentication of two individuals to open the door. 

You can configure this in the Door menu. 

1. Log in to BioStar web client. 

2. Click Door

3. Click Add Door

4. Select your device on Entry Device.  

5. Configure the Door Relay.

6. On Option > Dual Authentication choose your Device

* you can configure with entry device only or exit device only. 

7. Select the Schedule for this dual authentication to operate.

8. For Approval Type select Last if you want to choose an admin Approval Group that is required to allow access in authentication. 

The admin will be the 2nd one to authenticate (meaning last). 

9. Select the Timeout. This will be the timeout between the first and second authentication.
For instance if it is set to 10, the second user should authenticate within 10 seconds. 

10. If you have selected the approval type of Last, select the Approval Access Group that will have the admin privileges.