Affected Products & Versions
: All BioStar 1 versions 



Users with ID higher than 2147483647 can only be shown as 2147483647 on the user ID column of the User menu.


Issue Reproduction: 

1. Create several users with ID higher than 2147483647

2. All users ID will only appear as 2147483647 on the user column



Use the provided solution below.



This patch is for BioStar 1.93 only. 

1. Download the following file: BioStarV1.93_Eng_BioStar_UID_Limit_IntegerRange.7z - Download

2. Unzip the file. 

3. Back up the BioStar.exe file in C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar\console

4. Apply the file to C:\Program Files (x86)\BioStar\console and overwrite 

* this will have to be applied in every BioStar client PC

5. Restart BioStar Client and check that the User ID appears correctly.