- Employee can choose a regular shift at anytime between 8:30am to 18:30pm(8 working hourse) as below

  • 9:00am to 18:00pm
  • 8:30am to 16:30pm
  • 10:30am to 18:30pm

- The system needs to see if someone has worked 7 hours a day 

- The system needs to see if anyone comes late after 10:30am

*The worker has to punch in regularly on one of these three shifts, as the system cannot check itself whether the employee has worked regularly at any time between the allowed period, if he or she is allowed to choose different time shift every day.(The employee has to be responsible to know when he or she has punched in each day)

Can set different time periods by using 2 different schedule types

1. Fixed

2. Flexible

In this example, we will look at Flexible case

1) Go to Time & Attendance -> Click on "Add Time Code"

2) Attendance management 

-    The time rate is 1 hour

3) Leave Management is for distinguishing "worked" and "not worked" depending on the schedule

*You can use this option to determine if some worked or not worked based on a certain working hours, you don't have to create this leave management system in this case

4) Apply to go back and Click Shift -> Click "Add Shift Button"

5) You can see the below screen


- Type: 

    -    Fixed: the schedule is fixed and is evaluating lateness according to the set shift

    -    Flexible: only looks at the schedule within the allowed time period, not evaluating lateness

        *In this case, the lateness can only be evaluated with anyone who is not punched in until 10:30 am

- Day start time: The time that the shift can start earliest

    -> We will set it as 8:30am in this case 

- First Check in & Last Check Out

    -> Only looking at when an employee is checked in at first and checked out at last to identify the working hours of an employee

- Working hours per day

    -> The working hours that a person has to satisfy per shift

    -> In this case it is set to 7

Punch in Time Limit

    -> The latest time an employee can punch in

    -> In this case it is 10:30am

    -> It is the standard in this case to evaluate lateness

- Rounding

    -> Rounding of the time based on unit

    -> ex. if an employee punches in at 8:26am, if the point is 10min, it will round up to 8:30am

- Break by Punch

    -> Requires employees to punch in/out to report lunch time. 

    -> The maximum allowed break time is set to 60min in this case

Click Apply& Next

7) Drag & Drop the flexible schedule onto the schedule on the left 

Click Apply & Next


- Schedule Template: Select the schedule template that you just created previously

- Period: Set the period with which you want to apply this setting(in this case, it is set to a month but you can set as long as you like)

- User: Select the employees that you want to apply these settings(in this case all of the employees are selected)

Click Apply & Next

9) Go to Report and click on Add Filter

- Period: The time period with which the report can be generated

- Report type: in this case it is set to daily, but you can use the other options as necessary

- Column setting: allows you to see which information about an employee can be displayed on report

- User group: select user group

- User: select user(there must be at least 1 user to generate report)

- Rebuild Time Card: since BioStar 2.5, you always need to check on this box before click on Update Report button.

- Save Filter: save this filter

- Update report: must check on Rebuild Time Card before pressing it

CSV Export: export to CSV format

- PDF Export: export to PDF format

Daily Report

- The generated report, you can click on it to see more details

10) If you click on any of the report, it will pop up as below

11) If you click on Calendar button on the right top, it will show you timecard

12) In this way the report can be viewed

I hope that is helpful!

Thank you!