*This example will go through how to set up a relay event using two Secure I/O 2 and the device of BioEntry W2, please note that the relay event cannot be viewed from the monitoring tab, it can only been seen physically from the Secure I/Os.

- One of them being a normal fingerprint, and then the other being duress fingerprint.

1. Click apply then go to the device tab and add the master device, add slave devices by right clicking on the added BEW2, and then go "search slave device" then add 2 devices

* make sure to press "INIT" buttons on the IOs to reset them before connecting them.

* make sure that your device is in Master setting


2. Please try to set the Trigger and Action category of the Device(Device -> Advanced -> Click "add" on Trigger and Action section) as below.

- select event as "1:N duress authentication succeeded(fingerprint)"

- select one of Secure I/Os

- create a signal if necessary


3. add another trigger and action, this time choose "1:N authentication succeeded(fingerprint)" as the event and then select another Secure I/O device.


4. Under the signal setting, set the appropriate signals as below.

*it is necessary to set OFF to some value, since the relay will not go off if this is not set properly, 

*this will be automatically applied to all of the Trigger & Action settings.

5. Always don't forget to click "apply" for the changes to take effect.


5. Please ensure that you have 2 fingers at least(1 normal and 1 duress) registered, for this please refer to the link below.


6. When you scan the fingerprint you will see that the device will have relay turned ON and OFF.

- when you go to Real-time Log from the Monitoring tab, you can see the following window.

- the relays are not shown on the log, but you can see it physically by watching the relays on Secure I/Os turn ON.