* This example will go through how to set up a relay event using two Secure I/O 2 and the device of BioEntry W2. Please note that the relay event cannot be viewed from the monitoring tab. It can only be seen physically from the Secure I/Os. It

  • One of them being a normal fingerprint, and then the other being a duress fingerprint.

1. Click apply, then go to the device tab, add the master device, add slave devices by right-clicking on the added BEW2, and then go to 'search slave device.' then add 2 devices.

  • Make sure to press the 'INIT' buttons on the IOs to reset them before connecting them.
  • Make sure that your device is in the Master setting.


2. Please try to set the Trigger and Action category of the Device(Device -> Advanced -> Click "add" on Trigger and Action section) as below.

  • Select the event as '1:N duress authentication succeeded(fingerprint).'
  • Select one of Secure I/Os.
  • Create a signal if necessary.


3. Add another trigger and action. This time, choose '1:N authentication succeeded(fingerprint)' as the event and then select another Secure I/O device.


4. Under the Signal Setting, set the appropriate signals as below.

  • It is necessary to set OFF to some value since the relay will not go off if this is not set properly.¬†
  • This will be automatically applied to all of the Trigger & Action settings.

5. Always don't forget to click "apply" for the changes to take effect.


6. Please ensure that you have 2 fingers (1 normal and 1 duress) registered. For this, please refer to the link below.

[Both BioStar] Fingerprint Enrollment Guide 

7. When you scan the fingerprint, you will see that the device will have the relay turned ON and OFF.

  • When you go to Real-time Log from the Monitoring tab, you can see the following window.
  • The relays are not shown on the log, but you can see it physically by watching the relays on Secure I/Os turn ON.