- Affected Products & Versions

Biostar 1 & BioStar 2

- Summary

Sometime, a user can't scan a fingerprint through BioMini/ BioMini Plus 2 sometimes.

- Problem Example

Case 1) Error: Capture Running

Case 2) White page for scanning fingerprint

Case 3) Blank page for scanning fingerprint

Case 4) Failed to scan fingerprint

- Cause

BioStar version.1 SW and BioStar version.2 SW use BioMini SDK to enroll a fingerprint and control BioMini/BioMinin Plus 2 which is USB type fingerprint scanner.

There are two causes for the issues.

1) Timeout Issue of BioMini SDK

2) Score Issue of BioMini SDK

- Workaround

There is workaround now. 

Please visit the below link.

[Known Issue] Can't scan a fingerprint via BioMini/BioMini Plus 2 randomly - Solution

Please create a new ticket if you have further issue with detailed Windows OS type and BioStar version.