- Summary

Force log out as soon as login on BioStar 2

- Cause

TA login failure.

If you would like to check if it is the same issue with yours, please press F12 and see if there's error response with 'logout' of TA(port No. 3000) as below.

When BioStar 2 access TA API, it uses IP entered in the browser with port 3000 but it happens when BioStar 2 can not access TA. 

- Solution

i) Check if BioStar 2 ports including TA are used by other pograms. (Related article - [BioStar 2] Server and Device Port Usage)

If so, please contact your IT administrator so that your BioStar 2 ports can be opened. 

ii) Check if a PC of BioStar2 Server has an internal IP address and allow to access through a public IP address. Therefore, confirm if you can not access BioStar2 Page on the PC of Biostar2 Server through a public IP address. 

If you can NOT access BioStar2 Login page on BioStar2 Server through the public IP address, you should update the data of table systemsetting.biostar_tna in BioStar2 TA DB. 



How to apply Solution II

> 1. Stop BioStar2 All services.

> 2. Go to C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\ta\dist\lib\config\environment and make a backup file of production.js.

> 3. Open notepad as administrator and edit production.js

> 4. Find ENABLE_AUTO_UPDATE_BIOSTAR_URL and modify [true] to [false].

>4. Save the file.


> 5. Go to BioStar2 TA DB, and then edit the data of biostar_server_url in systemsetting as the internal IP address of Biostar2 Server


>6.  Confirm the data if it is updated properly

>7.  Start Biostar2 services and confirm the issue.

If your issue is different from above situation, please contact technical support team with information below.

1. Screenshots of Cause step on Chrome

2. Port usage status screenshots for all BioStar 2 ports. 

3. Screenshot of systemsetting.biostar_tna and connection via biostar_server_url

4. ipconfig information

5. BioStar 2 server's Private IP & Public IP