Please refer to this article and check when you cannot connect or see BioMini or other Suprema Fingerprint Scanner devices.

1. BioStar 2 certification installed successfully? If your address shows that 'Not Secured', then you need to install BioStar 2 cert correctly.

2. Delete 'Suprema_Fingerprint_Scanner_Driver' from Control Panel and reinstall.

  • Open Control Panel and sort by Publisher name.
  • Uninstall Suprema_Fingerprint_Scanner_Driver and reboot PC.

  • Download and install the latest Fingerprint Scanner Driver from below.

Sup_Fingerprint_Driver_v2.2.0.exe -

The driver can also be found at Suprema ID homepage: download center.

Note: unplug the BioMini when you are installing the driver.

  • Reboot the PC and plug in the BioMini to check device appears in ‘Device Manager.’

3. Sometimes certification file was not installed local Machine but on the current User.

  • Open command prompt in administrator.
  • Put 'cd C:\Program Files (x86)\USB Device Agent\usb-agent.'
  • Put 'certmgr -c -add config\\localhost_cert.crt -s -r localMachine root.'