Affected Products & Versions

Master CS40 V1.3.0, BEW2 V1.4.0, BSL2 V1.5.0, BEP2 V1.3.0, XP2 V1.0.1

Slave DM20 V1.1.2 or lower, OM120 V1.0.0 


i) RS485 slave device can be searched but it is disconnected right after added. 

ii) RS485 slave device is shown a different version depending on master device FW. 

Please check the issue once RS485 checklist is clearly confirmed - [Both BioStar] Daisy Chain and RS485 Connection and slave device is initialized completely. 


The latest master FW has a compatibility issue due to a side effect


Master FW upgrade to beta FW

Beta FW link : FISF-1203_RS485Disconnection -