Affected Products & Versions:
All V2 FW

Device would be disconnected and reboot itself while BioStar 2 SW or SDK is retrieving users from the device.

BioStar 2 SW : Manage users in device -> User upload

BioStar 2 SDK : Calling BS2_GetUserDatas/BS2_GetUserDatasEx/BS2_GetUserInfos/BS2_GetUserInfosEx


User information contains unacceptable data transferred to the device. 

FW doesn't return any error code when you insert this data, but it would reboot itself while you are retrieving the data from the device. 

example :

Users with more than 16 job codes

Users whose period starts from 1970.01.01


If you know a problem user: solve it by deleting and re-registering that particular user

If you don't know the problem user: please contact technical support with the following information.

- If you are using BioStar 2 SW : system log, if you are using SDK : SDK debugging log(BS2_SetDebugFileLog)

- FW version

- If you are using FS2 or A2 or BS2, please export user data in the USB memory and provide the exported data. 


In the next FW release, we will add a defense code to reject inconsistent user data from the FW and return error code when you try to push the data.