Dear Valued Partners,

BioStar 2 v2.7.11 is now available from our website. (Download)

Please check the below and keep using the latest version of BioStar 2.

New Feature & Improvements

1. Enhanced Security Settings. (Related article)

  • Added logic to check file extensions to limit malicious file uploads.
  • Improved to select whether to allow simultaneous access using the same account.

  • Limited to connect only when the IP information of the account and the IP information of the accessing PC match when logging in by adding an IP address item to the user information.

2. Added 'Specific Devices(Only devices belonging to the access group)' option to <Automatic User Synchromization>. 

(Related article)

3. Improved 'Alert List' and 'Alarm Monitor' features to reduce the load time of the dashboard page. (Related article)

  • Changed icons and phrases.
  • Changed to output only alert list of the last 6 months.
  • Changed to output only the last 15 alarms out of those that have not been checked in the last 6 months.

4. Applied the latest BioMini Plus SDK library to the USB Device Agent.

5. Supports the alert sound for 'Input(Event Name Change)' in the <Trigger & Action> of the device. (Related article)

6. Supports the sorting of lists for the User Group column of the <Muster Status> page on the MONITORING menu. 

   (Related article)

7. Supports the sorting of lists according to the <User ID Type> settings. (Related article)

  • The 'ID' column of the user list on the USER menu
  • The 'User ID' column of the <Muster Status> page on the MONITORING menu
  • The list of 'User' on the Add New Access Group page

8. Changes the Java version.

  • Before: 1.8.0_221
  • After: 1.8.0_231

Bug Fixed

1. Even though the card type is changed on the Device setting page, the setting is not applied.

2. The CPU usage increases because the event log import module operates continuously without idle time.

3. When using the CoreStation as multiple elevator controllers, the logic for checking the maximum number of connections (32) does not work.

4. When stopping the BioStar 2 server, related processes such as Java.exe and node.exe do not terminate.

5. The Cloud Use setting is changed to 'Not Use' when upgrading the version of BioStar 2.

6. Emails aren't sent even though automatic emails for overtime have been set up.

7. The 'ACB_ERROR_CODE.150' error occurs because the current time value was not entered normally when setting the elevator.

8. The image file storage path changes to a wrong path when the image log delete option is enabled.

9. The timeout event in the muster zone does not function properly.

10. The button to go to the last page on the Audit Trail page does not function properly.

11. The added device list does not display properly on the screen.

12. Modified to install the BioStar 2 properly even if some setting is missing in Setting.conf file when upgrading the version.

13. The values entered in custom user fields are not reflected in the T&A report.

14. Stabilization of Time Attendance

  • Users are not synchronized to the TIME ATTENDANCE menu.
  • The TIME ATTENDANCE menu is not loaded properly.

15. Stabilization of the Swagger API

  • Even if the parameter of /api/devices is not mandatory in the Swagger API, the query is impossible if the value is not selected.