Affected Products & Versions

BioStar 2 v2.7.11 & v2.7.12


If you try to activate BioStar 2 offline license in v2.7.11 or v2.7.12, it cannot be activated.


Adjust the patch file on the site.

1. Stop all BioStar 2 services from BioStar Setting.

2. Open <C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)> and make a back up of 'biostar2-webapp.jar' file.

3. Download the patch file from below.

    Please make sure that you need to download the correct patch of your version.

4. Change the file name from 'biostar2-webapp(2.7.11).jar' and 'biostar2-webapp(2.7.12).jar' to 'biostar-webapp.jar'.

5. Replace the original 'biostar2-webapp.jar' to the new patch file.

6. Start all BioStar 2 services from BioStar Setting and try to activate offline license again.