To detect suspected infections and restrict user access, there is a way to integrate a thermal camera with Anti tailgating of Suprema access control system.

* Definition

Thermal camera : It can detect skin-surface temperature of a person.

Anti tailgating : It's to restrict an authorized person from gaining access through a turnstile or gate after an authorized person has already gained access. For more details, click here.

<Recommended Camera>

To use this solution, a thermal camera with below specifications are required.

ㆍCapable of Measuring body temperature precisely 

ㆍCapable of configuring to release a relay signal when it detects certain level of body temperature 

ㆍIO interface for relay signal 

ㆍCapable of configuring to relay output duration

<System Configuration>

* The above FaceStation 2 can be replaced with all of Suprema 2nd generation devices.

<Operation Example>

<How To Integrate Suprema access control system with a thermal camera>

1. Install VMS Server or connect the thermal camera via web browser with referring the manual of the thermal camera system.

- To send the signal to Suprema device, please make an output signal configuration for abnormal temperature detection.

* It's a separated part and configuration from Suprema access system.

2. Install BioStar 2 v2.7.14 and go to C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\nginx\html\resources.

BioStar 2 Download: Click here 

* You can use BioStar 2 v2.8. The updated resource file is ready to use.

2.1 Change the name of to another name for making a backup. 

2.2 Click here to download the new English resource file of Biostar 2 v2.7.14 to indicate the "Access Denied (Anti-Tailgating)" message to "Abnormal temperature detected" when there is an input detection from the thermal camera.

* If you want to have another language resource file, please contact Suprema team. 

* If you have BioStar v2.8, please click here.

2.3 Copy the downloaded from the above step 2  to C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\nginx\html\resources to update the certain string of BioStar 2 UI.  As soon as you update that, BioStar 2 will be available to show the updated UI string without restarting BioStar 2 server.


* If the resource file is not properly indicated, follow the below instruction.

-> How to empty Cache: Press F12> Right click on the circling arrow> Click Empty Cache and Hard Reload

3. Go to BioStar2 SW>DEVICE, and add a device. (Click here for adding devices)

<Example for adding FaceStation 2>

3.1 Click here to download the updated resource file of FaceStation 2 to show "Abnormal temperature detected!" instead of the message "Anti-Tailgating Violation".

* If you have other device type, please refer how to change the resource to the link here.  Search "Anti-Tailgating Violation" in the resource file of your device type and update it to "Abnormal temperature detected!". And then, convert the file with referring the link here.

3.2 Copy the file to C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\resource.

3.3 Go back to BioStar 2, click the device to configure the resource of a device message and  a log event.

3.4 Scroll down and click [Advance], go to [Display/Sound].

3.5 Click on [Update Resource].

3.6 Click the file name (fs2_v1.3.0_20190805_ChangedDetection_MSG.bin) in Resource File.

<Example for Resource UI of FaceStation 2>

* The device will reboot automatically once the resource is downloaded to the device successfully.

4. Go to DOOR and create a new door. (Click here for adding new doors)


- Once you create the door, you should configure an access group/level for each user.  (Click here for making an access group) If not, there will be "Access Denied (Invalid Access group)" and a user can not authenticate.

- If you need to add and assign Exit button and Door Sensor, additional I/O modules such as DM-20 or SIO2 are required to add.  (Click here for adding a RS485 Slave and here for learning DM 20)

4.1. Set a Sensor of Anti-Tailgating in Option and click [Apply].

<Example for adding an input port 0 of FaceStation 2 to Sensor of Anti-Tailgating>

4.2 Once there is an output signal of thermal camera to an input of Suprema device, the log “abnormal temperature detected!” will show and there is a popup message on the LCD of device.

<Example the log event when there is an input detection in Anti-Tailgaiting>

4.3 (Optional) Make an alarm for the event log “abnormal temperature detected!”  if you need to make an alert sound or an output signal with a siren/LED.

With the supporting firmware version, you can configure the Trigger & Action for devices with the anti-tailgating configuration to integrate with thermal camera.

  • BioStar 2 > Device > (Choose your device) > Advanced > Trigger & Action > +Add

  • Select [Event] and "abnormal temperature detected!" in [Event List] of Trigger
  • Select [Output] or [Alert sound] which you want to make an alert and click [Apply]

  • Click [Apply] to save the information to the device

  • Notice: If you try to re-add the anti-tailgating feature configured device in the lower BioStar 2 version, you need to do factory reset the device.

5.  (Optional) Make Trigger&Action on Settings of BioStar 2 and set an Email Alert if you need to receive a notification email from BioStar 2 for the event log "abnormal temperature detected!".

  • Go BioStar 2>Settings>Trigger&Action>Add Trigger&Action> Configure an email setting

For more details, click here.


The anti-tailgating feature is supported from the BioStar 2.7.8 and the latest firmware of Suprema devices. To use this feature, you need to upgrade both BioStar 2 and device firmware over the below versions.

BioStar 2 SWv2.7.8 or higher version
BioStation 2v1.8.0
BioStation A2v1.7.0
FaceStation 2v1.3.0
BioLite N2v1.2.0
BioEntry W2v1.4.0
BioStation L2v1.5.0
BioEntry P2v1.3.0